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Why Wooden Toys Are Brilliant For Babies 

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Why Wooden Toys Are Brilliant For Babies 


It goes without saying that all children enjoy playing with toys from a very young age and not only do toys provide hours of fun, but they are also incredibly important for development in babies, toddlers and older children too. These days, the toy market is so vast, from puppets and puzzles to musical instruments and playdough, and parents have a huge range of items to choose from when purchasing new toys for their little ones.

It is becoming increasingly common for toy manufacturers to make toys from sustainable wood too and they are a very popular alternative to plastic toys amongst parents. Contrary to popular belief, wooden toys are safe for babies to use and they are great for little hands to play with. If you’re considering buying some new toys for your little one and you’re wondering whether you should purchase wooden toys, below are some of the biggest benefits of this type of toy.

They are an eco-friendly option 

Of course, due to the fact that the vast majority of wooden toys are made from ethically and sustainably sourced wood nowadays, they are much more environmentally friendly than many of the other toys available and they can usually be recycled too. Many wooden toys are also decorated with water-based paints that are much kinder to the environment as well. 

They are a safer alternative to plastic 

Many parents don’t realise that wooden toys are actually safer for babies than plastic toys, especially when they are at the age when they put everything in their mouth. Not only are plastic toys more likely to break, risking your little one swallowing small parts or being harmed by sharp edges, but they are often made with chemicals making them extremely toxic too. 

When you give your baby a wooden toy, you won’t need to worry about them sucking on or chewing on the toy as when they’re made specifically for babies, they will be safe for them to put in their mouth. Of course, wooden toys are really easy to keep clean as well, so you can ensure they’re not harbouring any nasty germs. 

They are incredibly versatile in design 

There are so many amazing wooden toys on the market, from brightly coloured stacking toys to animal-themed push along toys, so you’ll never struggle to find what you’re looking for in the wooden toy section. With brilliant brands like Lanka Kade, Jumini & Studio Circus and Le Toy Van to choose from too, there is the perfect wooden toy for every little one. 

They are much more durable 

Even when your baby is less than 12 months old, their toys will still take quite a battering and they will frequently be dropped on the floor. Wooden toys are known for their durability and they can withstand all general wear and tear. Often, the best wooden toys for babies are handed down through families and they can be enjoyed by lots of little ones over the years. 

They are less distracting to play with  

Constantly advancing technology means that toys are getting more and more distracting. Having bells, whistles, music, bleeps and other noises in toys isn’t only frustrating for you as a parent, but it can actually be disruptive to your baby’s play as well. Simplicity is usually best when it comes to toys and wooden toys are perfect in this regard. 

The wooden toys you purchase allow your little one to be more expressive whilst playing too and they will learn to make the noises for themselves, encouraging them to use their imagination. You may even find that your baby is much calmer when they play with wooden toys as the room they’re in will be much quieter and peaceful without noisy electronic toys. 

Purchasing the best wooden toys for babies 

There really is no denying that whilst some parents will wonder whether wooden toys are safe for babies, the truth is that they are a brilliant alternative to plastic counterparts and you shouldn’t overlook them when purchasing new toys for your little one. With so many amazing modern and traditional wooden toys on the market nowadays too, you won’t struggle to find toys that are both fun to play with and also brilliant for child development too. 

When searching for somewhere to purchase the best wooden toys for babies, be sure to explore the My Little Goody Box website. We stock a selection of handpicked toys for babies and toddlers, and no matter what type of toy you’re looking for, it is highly likely that we will have the perfect solution for you. As well as supplying a vast range of wooden toys, we also provide lots of inspiration for play ideas too, helping parents discover different sensory and developmental experiences. 

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