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About Us

About Us

We are Chrystal and Deana two mums who are also cousins. We've grown up together and now our children are doing the same.
We started My Little Goody Box when Deana got Chrystal a sensory bag and the obsession begun there! Chrystal wanted to add to her sensory collection and find play ideas suitable for Jo's age, but we struggled to find a website that allowed us to do so. This was when the decision was made to start My Little Goody Box and give other parents / care providers somewhere to find sensory products and also receive play ideas on how to use the products and also creating activities from items found around the house.
We love thinking of ideas we can do with our children together and by themselves based on their age and stage of development with having fun being at the heart of everything we do! Our children have been our inspiration throughout this process and we would love to share our ideas and build a platform for parents to use.
We have handpicked all the items on our website based on products that we would or have used with our own children.
Our aim at My Little Goody Box is to inspire parents and children alike. For you as parents, we aspire to provide lots of inspiration into play ideas that will provide lots of different sensory and educational/developmental experiences. For your children, we want to spark imagination and creativity in their play by providing them with toys that they will love to use in different ways. And finally, for you both, to bond and create everlasting memories.