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What Are Sensory Scarves And How Can You Use Them?

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
What Are Sensory Scarves And How Can You Use Them?

Often, the most simple sensory toys and props are the best to use during playtime, and there are so many ways you can stimulate your little one’s senses with the most basic items. Take sensory scarves, for example, they’re incredibly versatile and brilliant for sensory development, yet they’re a very straightforward sensory prop. You will find sensory scarves in almost every sensory box and they are considered a staple for sensory play.

If you’ve never heard of sensory scarves before and you’re wondering how you can use them whilst playing with your baby, keep reading today. Below we have put together some simple play inspiration to get you started.

What are sensory scarves?

Aptly named, sensory scarves are small pieces of fabric that you can play with to stimulate your little one’s senses. These scarves are typically made from chiffon or organza and they are brightly coloured. You can usually purchase sensory scarves in a pack of different colours, so you can use multiple scarves during playtime.

How can you use sensory scarves during playtime?

When you’re playing with your newborn baby, you can use sensory scarves in so many different ways and they are one of the most versatile sensory props on the market. Some of the easiest, yet still developmentally beneficial ways to use sensory scarves are;

Stroke the scarves over your baby’s body

For a tactile sensory experience, all you need to do is stroke over your baby’s body with a sensory scarf. Moving the scarf over their arms and legs can help them to develop a sense of body awareness and self-awareness. The more you introduce your little one to their body parts, the more likely they are to start exploring what they can do with their arms and legs.

Play peekaboo with the scarves

This is a really popular way to use sensory scarves and playing peekaboo will keep your baby entertained for hours. Cover your face with a scarf and then peek out from different sides so your baby can see your face. This will encourage them to follow you with their eyes which is great for visual tracking and it will also keep them engaged in the activity. Your little one might try to pull the scarf off of you the more you play together too and this is brilliant for hand-eye coordination as well as gross and fine motor skill development.

Spread the scarves out in front of your baby

You don’t necessarily need to do anything with sensory scarves during playtime and simply putting a selection of brightly coloured scarves in front of your baby can be effective during tummy time, for example. Your little one will be intrigued by the scarves and want to figure out what they do, so they will reach out to explore them. Encouraging your baby’s curiosity is always beneficial and it’s a key part of learning.

Dance with the scarves to music

Playing music to your little one is beneficial for so many reasons and it’s a great way to stimulate their sense of hearing. Whilst you’re singing a song or playing music, move a sensory scarf to the beat or tune in your little one’s eye line. Again, this is brilliant for visual tracking and they will likely try to grab the scarf, developing their motor skills.

As your baby gets older, there are so many more ways you can use sensory scarves too. They aren’t just useful when your little one is a newborn, they can still be played with when they’re a toddler and you can use them to develop lots of other important skills.

Purchasing a sensory box for your baby

Hopefully, you will now know more about using sensory scarves with your little one and you can start creating some sensory experiences for them at home. If you’re interested in purchasing a sensory box that contains all of the basic sensory toys and props you need to stimulate your baby’s senses, the My Little Goody Box website is the place to be.

We have hand-picked all of the sensory products on our website based on things we would or have used with our own children and you can have so much fun with your baby whilst using them. No matter what their age or stage of development may be, our sensory boxes come with play guides to help you create fun sensory experiences for your little one and you will never run out of ideas to stimulate their senses.

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