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Using Wooden Stacking Toys to Support Development

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Using Wooden Stacking Toys to Support Development

Wooden stacking toys are an exciting way to help babies and toddlers develop core skills and reach milestones in the first few years of life. With a variety of sizes, shapes and colours on the market, these toys are perfect for learning how to stack and balance different items, which is a critical skill for children as they grow. Baby stacking toys are also a great way to encourage interactive play and these open-ended toys can be enjoyed for hours.

Lots of people don’t realise just how beneficial playing can be for babies and toddlers, and you should have a selection of fun, yet educational toys in your toy box. If you don’t have any wooden stacking toys and you’re wondering which are best to purchase for your little one, keep reading today. Below we have explored this type of toy in more detail and listed some of our favourite stacking toys to play with.

Which skills can be improved by playing with stacking toys?

Playing with stacking toys, whether this is solo play or parent-led play, can be incredibly beneficial for babies and toddlers. These simple wooden toys can support cognitive development and the development of several important skills. Some key skills that can be improved when playing with wooden stacking toys include;

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Imagination and creativity skills
  • Spatial awareness skills
  • Focus and concentration skills

Each of these skills will be beneficial in various aspects of day-to-day life as your little one gets older and it’s important to support their development from a young age. With the right selection of toys, you can make learning fun for your baby or toddler and encourage them to continue exploring the world around them.

Popular wooden stacking toys for babies

As mentioned above, there is a huge range of stacking toys on the market. To give you some inspiration, here are a few of our favourite wooden toys that are perfect for little hands.

Animal stacker bags

All you need to have some fun with your little one is a selection of different sized and shaped blocks that can be stacked on top of each other, and this is exactly what animal stacker bags provide. From the Africa stacker bag to the sealife stacker bag and the forest stacker bag, there are lots of different bags to purchase but they all offer the same benefits.

These bags contain a selection of chunky wooden animals with colourful designs that can be stacked in lots of different ways. Your baby or toddler will love sorting, stacking and impersonating these animals as they play, and they can make the game up as they go along. These beautiful wooden animals are sure to spark your little one’s imagination.

ABC wooden blocks

When you want to purchase baby wooden stacking toys, it’s always a good idea to get some wooden building blocks. There are several building block sets on the market and they can all help to support the skills mentioned above. They are designed to be easy for little hands to grasp and their flat sides mean they're slightly easier to stack.

This ABC wooden building block set features brightly coloured blocks with numbers, letters, shapes, animals and objects painted on the sides. Not only can these wooden toys be used for stacking games and building big towers, but they are perfect for encouraging number and letter recognition too. You will get so much use out of these wooden building blocks.

Farm pull-along lorry

Another great toy for your little one is this farm lorry wooden toy. Similarly to the animal bags, it comes with a selection of wooden animal characters that your baby or toddler can play with, which can encourage role play. They can see how many animals they can stack on the lory and make up their own game to play.

Since this is also a pull-along toy, it can be used to support the development of gross motor skills as well. Your little one can use this toy as they start to crawl and walk, and they can pull it along behind them, taking the animals on a journey in the lorry. You can trust that they will have lots of fun with this gorgeous wooden toy.

Ordering baby wooden stacking toys

When you want to support your little one’s development through play, it’s beneficial to start using stacking toys. If you’re searching for somewhere to order baby wooden stacking toys online, visit the My Little Goody Box website. We stock a variety of wooden toys that can be played with by children of all ages and we will have something for your little one on our website. We pride ourselves on providing parents with somewhere convenient to order high-quality toys that are affordably priced, and you can create lots of fun and educational experiences for your little one with the range of toys we supply.

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