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The Benefits Of Sensory Bottles

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
The Benefits Of Sensory Bottles

There are so many toys on the market that are designed to engage a little one’s senses and support their early years development. Lots of baby sensory toys can be played with from a very young age and they will start capturing the attention of a newborn in the first few weeks. They aren’t complicated either and some of the best sensory toys are very simplistic.

One type of sensory toy that is becoming more popular for babies and toddlers is sensory bottles. These bottles are a wonderful tool for engaging little ones in sensory exploration and they can be enjoyed safely from 3 months +. With their bright colours, interesting sounds and unique features, sensory bottles make a great addition to any nursery or playroom. Below we have explored the benefits of sensory bottles in more detail.

What are sensory bottles?

Sensory bottles are bottles that are filled with objects and liquids to create an engaging visual, auditory and tactile sensory experience. They support the development of key skills in babies and toddlers, and they are also used to provide relaxation to children who are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Items that are often included in sensory bottles include; glitter, sequins, beads, water and oil, feathers, buttons and other recognisable ornaments.

The benefits of playing with sensory bottles

Sensory bottles offer children the opportunity to learn about the world around them in a safe and engaging way. They provide a fun, hands-on way to explore and they are mesmerising to babies and toddlers, captivating their attention during playtime. When tipping and turning the bottles, your little one can watch the contents move around, listen to the noise it makes and start to identify the various different things they see.

It isn’t uncommon for sensory bottles to be used during tummy time to encourage visual tracking and help strengthen neck muscles. They can also be used during other playtime activities to support fine and gross motor skills by holding and moving the bottles. As your little one gets older, sensory bottles can help with language development and problem-solving skills too. These eye-catching bottles can be used to explore and teach a variety of concepts, such as; colours, textures, shapes, objects and sounds.

As touched on above, sensory bottles can also be used to help foster a sense of calm and relaxation. They can be used as a mindfulness tool to help children manage stress and anxiety, and they can stimulate concentration while little ones find a moment of calm.

Top sensory bottles for playtime

It is possible to make your own sensory bottles that your little one can play with and all you need is a few simple ingredients. However, you need to be very careful to ensure that the bottle doesn’t split, especially if there are smaller items inside that could be a choking hazard.

At My Little Goody Box, we supply a range of affordable sensory bottles, so you don’t have to make them yourself. All of the bottles on our website are from the well-known brand; Petit Boum. These vibrant bottles are filled with a variety of objects, such as beads, glitter, buttons and pompoms, and they are designed to spark creativity and curiosity. You can have peace of mind knowing these sensory bottles are completely safe for children to handle and they adhere to very strict safety rules. They are a great addition to any toy box.

Purchasing sensory toys for babies in the UK

Whenever you’re searching for somewhere to purchase sensory toys for babies in the UK, be sure to explore the My Little Goody Box online store. We supply a vast range of sensory items, from sensory bottles to sensory balls and we also have a range of sensory boxes available. My Little Goody Box was created to provide parents with somewhere convenient to purchase sensory products and receive play ideas, and we are passionate about helping parents create sensory experiences for their little ones.

You can order sensory toys for babies from our website in confidence knowing that we have handpicked all of the items we supply based on products that we would or have used with our own children. We ensure that everything on our website is completely safe for babies and toddlers to play with, and we can assure you that you will have lots of fun when you play with the sensory toys and props we supply.
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