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Reaching First Milestones Through Sensory Play

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Reaching First Milestones Through Sensory Play

During the first year of your baby’s life, they will grow and develop, and they will reach a number of different milestones. Whilst all babies develop at their own pace and you may find that your little one is more advanced in some areas than others, sensory play can be really beneficial when you’re trying to aid their overall development and help them reach their first milestones.

From rolling over and sitting up to recognising emotions and saying easy words, there are lots of different developmental milestones that can be supported by simply using baby sensory toys. If you’re keen to learn more about how you can use sensory play to help your baby reach their first milestones, below we have looked into some of the different ways this type of play can assist your little one’s development throughout the first twelve months of their life.

Gross and fine motor skills

Gaining control over their bigger muscles and learning how to coordinate their smaller muscles is something that babies start doing in the first few months and often, it will start by grasping toys. When you introduce different baby sensory toys for them to play with, such as; rattles and maracas, you will be encouraging them to start grasping, holding and moving things. You can even use sensory toys to encourage your baby to start rolling, crawling, standing and walking too, and tempting them with toys that intrigue them can be really effective in this regard.

Cognitive growth

Developing the ability to think, learn, remember, imagine and pay attention is something that will start to happen in the first year of your little one’s life and sensory play will help greatly with this. There are so many different toys on the market, from musical toys to puzzles, and playing with these will start to challenge your baby’s mind and make them more curious about the world around them. Many milestones include play too, like expressing upset when playtime stops and copying behaviour whilst playing, so regularly playing together is really important.

Language and social development

Starting to understand and respond to speech, and even emotionally connect with parents and caregivers is something that babies do much sooner than many realise and you can help to boost this development by using baby sensory toys. Spending time with your little one and having fun together will be really beneficial for improving their language and social skills, and simply reading a book together, for example, can aid this area of development. Using sensory touch and explore books will make this type of play much more enjoyable for your little one.


Gaining a sense of their own body and the things and people around them is something that babies will do over the first year of their lives, and sensory play can be incredibly useful when developing self-awareness. There are lots of simple baby sensory toys in sensory boxes which you can use to help your little one reach first milestones such as; recognising familiar objects and looking for specific objects. The intriguing nature of sensory toys for babies makes them perfect for explorative play, helping your baby to learn more about their place in the world.

Problem-solving and decision-making abilities

Learning cause and effect, and starting to find solutions to obstacles is something that babies will start to do in the first twelve months and there are a number of different baby sensory toys that you can use to encourage this development. Something as simple as shaking a rattle or banging a drum can introduce cause and effect, and exploring baby sensory toys by tapping, throwing or dropping them will help your baby learn more about the effects of their actions. Simply put, the more you allow your baby to explore, the more they will learn in this regard.

Purchasing baby sensory toys

When you’re wanting to support your little one’s development and help them to reach their first milestones, there is no denying that sensory play is a brilliant way to do so. There are so many benefits to spending time playing with baby sensory toys and this type of play will be much more effective than many initially realise when it comes to early-year development.

If you’d like to give sensory play a try, be sure to visit the My Little Goody Box website. We supply a huge range of sensory toys for babies and toddlers, and no matter which milestone you’re trying to help your little one reach, we will have the perfect toy for you. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried sensory play before either, it’s our aim to inspire parents and caregivers, and we provide lots of inspiration for play ideas too, helping you to create educational/developmental experiences for your little one in their first years.

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