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Introducing Your Baby to the World of Sensory Play

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Introducing Your Baby to the World of Sensory Play

Having a baby is an incredible and rewarding experience. From the moment you first hold your newborn in your arms, your life is changed forever and this marks the start of a journey full of love and precious memories. As a parent, you will have the opportunity to nurture and guide your little one, watching them grow and develop their own unique personality.

Babies grow so quickly, and it’s fascinating to watch them as they start learning more about themselves and the world around them. As your little one grows, they will gain skills and abilities to help them live independently, and there are lots of ways you can support their early development. Sensory play is beneficial for your baby and it’s something you should introduce at home. Below we have explored this type of play and its benefits in more detail.

What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play is a play activity that engages all five senses and encourages babies to explore and discover the world around them. Introducing your baby to the world of sensory play is a great way to help them develop emotionally, physically and intellectually. It's also a way for you to bond with your baby and create special memories. With the right materials and guidance, sensory play can give your baby a head start in life.

What Does Sensory Play Involve?

This is an incredibly versatile type of play and it can be enjoyed by babies, toddlers and children alike. Sensory play can be as simple as allowing your baby to explore different textures like organza fabric or bubbles. You can create lots of different sensory experiences and activities with sensory toys and props too. As your little one explores through play, they will discover how different objects and textures feel and look, and how different sounds are created.

Why is Sensory Play Important for Babies?

Sensory play helps babies develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. It gives them the opportunity to learn about their own bodies and the world around them, and it helps to develop several important skills. From fine and gross motor skills to problem-solving and decision-making skills, your little one can learn so much from playing with sensory items.

When Can You Start Sensory Play?

You can introduce sensory play from a very young age and it’s beneficial to start using things like high-contrast sensory toys with your newborn. It is easy to adapt sensory play to your little one’s age and developmental stage, and activities can include things such as exploring textures, sounds and smells. As your baby grows and develops, you can start introducing more complex sensory activities to keep them engaged during playtime.

Some simple sensory activities to try include playing with ribbon rings and sensory balls, reading crinkle books, and laying on foil blankets and water mats. You can also use toys like rattles, maracas and other musical instruments to explore different sounds. As your baby grows, you can try playing with building blocks, shape sorters and puzzles too, helping them to understand different shapes and colours. No matter what type of sensory play activity you choose, it’s important to make sure that it’s safe and age-appropriate.

How do You Introduce Your Baby to Sensory Play at Home?

Trying sensory play at home can be easy and you don’t need to create complicated sensory experiences. Simply gather some sensory toys and props, or some items from around the house, and let your little one explore them and see what they do. You can use a section of your living room, bedroom or even a corner of your garden for sensory play, and there are so many different ways your baby can enjoy sensory exploration.

We would recommend purchasing a sensory box if you’re new to sensory play. These boxes provide you with a selection of different sensory items that you can use, as well as a play guide that offers different tips for how to use the toys and props within the box. It couldn’t be easier to introduce your baby to sensory play at home when you have a sensory box.

Using Baby Sensory Toys With Your Little One

Now you know more about sensory play and introducing this type of play into your playtime, if you’re searching for somewhere to order sensory toys and props, visit the My Little Goody Box website. We supply a vast range of baby sensory items, including high-contrast toys and sensory boxes, and we can help to make it easy for you to try sensory play. Here at My Little Goody Box, we aim to provide parents with somewhere convenient to order sensory products and also receive play ideas on how to use them, and we want to introduce more people to sensory play. If you have any questions about baby sensory toys, feel free to contact our team.

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