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Exploring the Benefits of Using Sensory Toys During Bath Time

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Exploring the Benefits of Using Sensory Toys During Bath Time

Bath time is a special moment for both parents and their babies. It can be a fun and playful experience or a soothing and peaceful experience, giving parents the chance to bond with their little ones and create lasting memories. With some preparation, you can ensure that bath time is a success and there are lots of toys that can make bath time more enjoyable.

If your little one isn’t keen on bath time and you’re searching for a way to make this activity more fun for them, we would recommend that you try using some sensory toys and props. Sensory play can be a great way to add joy and stimulation to bath time, and bath toys will keep your little one occupied whilst they’re in the bath. These toys can help to engage children’s senses and encourage learning and exploration during this activity.

Below we have explored some of the many benefits of using sensory toys during bath time;

Increase Focus and Attention

While bathing your little one, if they don’t have something to focus on they may get bored quite quickly. Experimenting with sensory play and using a range of sensory toys can help to keep your baby engaged during bath time. By providing a variety of tactile and visual stimulation, these toys can keep your little one interested and focused on the activity, and help to prevent them from being unhappy in the bath.

Develop Motor Skills

Lots of sensory toys and props are designed to be easy to grip for smaller hands, and letting your baby play with them during bath time can support their development. Touching, feeling and manipulating sensory toys can help to develop fine motor skills such as grasping and squeezing, and these are skills that your baby will use several times a day. Sensory toys can be especially beneficial for babies who are starting to learn about body awareness and beginning to explore the world around them.

Stimulate Imagination

Sensory toys can stimulate babies and toddlers’ imaginations by engaging their senses in creative ways. By allowing your little one to experiment with different textures, shapes and colours during bath time, they can get lost in their own world. Sensory toys can also help a child learn about things like cause and effect, as they observe the results of their actions, and you can use the water to encourage creative thinking. It can be easy to overlook imaginative play when your baby is still very young, but it’s beneficial to introduce from the newborn stage.

Support Language Development

Using sensory toys during bath time can be a great way to support language development. Exploring these toys and discussing what they do can help your little one better understand language. Incorporating sensory play into bath time can help your baby learn how to express themself by using sounds and gestures, and this is an important step in learning how to use words and sentences to communicate. When you use sensory toys, bath time can become a fun, yet educational experience for your little one.

Improve Bonding Time

As mentioned above, bath time is an opportunity for bonding between babies and parents. When you make this basic activity more enjoyable, you can nurture your relationship and establish a deeper connection with your little one, rather than spend the whole time trying to calm them down. During sensory play, you will give your baby your full undivided attention too and you can create lasting memories together. Forming a positive relationship from a young age is important and bath time can help you create a special connection.

Buying the Best Sensory Toys for Babies

If your baby doesn’t enjoy bath time, it’s worth using a few sensory toys to see if they can help to make the experience more fun. Sensory toys are an excellent way to engage children in an activity and stimulating their senses is always beneficial. When searching for somewhere to buy the best sensory toys for babies, explore the My Little Goody Box website today. We have a great selection of toys that can be used in the bath.

From sensory balls and rubber ducks to bath books and mirrors, we have something for everyone on our website. We pride ourselves on supplying quality toys that support early development and are still affordable. You can find out more about how to use our baby sensory toys and bath toys in the description boxes on our product pages, but you can also sign up for our newsletter for some more play inspiration. We are here to help you create fun and engaging experiences for your little one.

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