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My Starter Sensory Box



Our starter sensory box is perfect as a gift or for a parent as an introduction to sensory play and we hope you will love it as much as we do! To inspire your play time with your baby we include play guides in all of our sensory boxes to give you ideas of how you can use our products by themselves and with other items you find around the house to build fun and engaging experiences for your child. The play guides are designed to grow with your child so come with ideas from birth to crawling!

Why buy a baby sensory box?

Playing with your baby is a great way to bond and spend quality time together in those first few precious months. Not only that but sensory play has been found to help brain development through building the following skills: 
Gross and fine motor
Problem solving

All products in the box (except the foil blanket) will vary in colour.

This baby sensory box includes:
  • 1x Play guide
  • 1x Ribbon Ring (either a cloud or round wooden ring)
  • 1x Foil blanket
  • 1x Light up spiky ball
  • 1x Feather
  • 1x Organza scarf
  • 1x Punching balloon
  • 2x Tube of bubbles
  • 2x Egg shaker

As recommended by Bump2Baby

To be noted: not all items in this sensory box are classified as toys and should only be used as sensory props by the supervising adult. When using any of these products it must be directly supervised by an adult due to the age of the child and potential health and safety risks. The feather should only be held by the parent and not the child. The ribbon ring is not intended to be used as a teether and only as a sensory prop by the supervising adult. Toys that are included in this box will bare the CE mark to state that they are safe and what the age recommendation is for the product. Please wash organza scarf before first use. Always check items for any sign of damage and wear and tear before every use and discard immediately if anything is found to be wrong or of concern. We are not responsible or liable for how you decide to use your products.

Ribbon Ring
• This is not a toy only to be used as a sensory prop.
• To be handled by an adult when playing with baby.
• Not to be used as a teether
• Never to leave with baby unattended
• Ensure all ribbons are tight and secure before every use
• If ends fray or there any other signs of wear and tear please discard immediately
Foil Blanket
• This is not a toy only to be used as a sensory prop
• Never leave baby unattended on foil blanket
• Never leave a baby to sleep on a foil blanket
• If rips do not continue use and discard
• Do not use for long periods at a time
• Not to be mouthed
• Not to be cut
• Warning: Visually impaired babies may find reflexions discomforting.
• This is not a toy only to be used as a sensory prop
• Not to be handled by baby
• Not to be mouthed
• Not to be left in baby’s reach
• Always check for signs of wear and tear before use and discard immediately if needed

My Little Goody box Ltd is not be held responsible or liable on how you choose to use your props.

If you have any questions or concerns let us know via email or one of our social media pages, our details can be found on our Contact Us page.
All orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days and delivered within 3-5 working days from date of order (subject to potential shipping delays with courier). Please see delivery and returns policies for more information.

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