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Taf Toys North Pole Ball Drop Stacker


This set of three adorable cardboard stacking boxes also come with 2 colourful balls and 3 textured sensory balls allowing children to build their very own ball drop. Easily stackable the colourful balls also provide resistance for an added challenge.


1. Ball drop while on tummy

2. Stacking

3. Tower ball drop

4. Sensory ball play


DEVELOPMENTALS SKILLS - Playing with the Ball drop stacker develops kids’ fine & gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and the understanding of object permanence.

OBJECT PERMANENCE - Infants love to play peekaboo for a reason! They are developing the ability to know that objects continue to exist even though they can no longer be seen. Baby will drop the ball through the hole in the box and be surprised as it disappears from view, only to magically reappear moments later.

PLAYING OPTIONS - 1/ Tummy-time baby will push down the smooth balls through the hole, developing upper body muscles and hands control. 2/ Sensory ball play the 3 textured balls make a soft noise while squeezing & can easily pass through the box’s holes.  The smooth balls need a slight push to pass. 3/ Stacking the blocks may be stacked by color, size or animal and be knocked down for endless fun. 4/ Tower ball drop toddlers will stack the 3 boxes and drop a textured ball from the top of the tower.

ENCOURAGE CURIOSITY - Toddler learns that the sound the ball makes when throwing it down the tower triggers rewarding results, at first curiously watching as the ball rolls out, Gradually, through trial and error, accomplishing this independently.

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