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Make Your Own Sensory Box


Make Your Own Sensory Box

This product thumbnail is here for information purposes only. Please click on the link below to start customising and building your own sensory box!
Want a sensory box and know exactly what you want to see in it? Then look no further! We have provided you with a list of mix and match options to create your perfect box! Pair with items in our sensory play collection to complete your sensory toy collection and use our bundle offer to save!

Click here to start building your box!

To inspire your play time with your baby we include play guides in all of our sensory boxes to give you ideas of how you can use our products by themselves and with other items you find around the house to build fun and engaging experiences for your child. The play guides are designed to grow with your child so come with ideas from birth to crawling! To be noted play guides are designed for our ready made boxes so you may find that some of the items are either missing or not relevant to your purchase. 
Why buy a sensory box? 
Playing with your baby is a great way to bond and spend quality time together in those first few precious months. Not only that but sensory play has been found to help brain development through building the following skills;
Gross and fine motor 
Problem solving
Products selected in this box will vary in colour and be subject to availability. 
Disclaimer: please refer to this page for further information on use of products included in this offer and product warnings.
If you have any questions or concerns let us know via email or one of our social media pages, our details can be found on our Contact Us page.
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