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Foil blanket


Foil blanket

Our foil blankets are a great prop for a lot of sensory fun and learning. Each blanket measures 1.3m x 2.1m. 

Fantastic for teaching children about cause and effect (actions & reactions: scrunch foil blanket in hand & it makes noise), tummy time, space stories or just generally having some noisy fun! 

Do not leave children unattended when playing with this product or any other products.

This product is a prop and not a toy.

• This is not a toy only to be used as a sensory prop
• Never leave baby unattended on foil blanket
• Never leave a baby to sleep on a foil blanket
• If rips do not continue use and discard
• Do not use for long periods at a time
• Not to be mouthed
• Not to be cut
• Warning: Visually impaired babies may find reflexions discomforting.

My Little Goody box Ltd is not be held responsible or liable on how you choose to use your props

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