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Why Your Toddler Should Play With Wooden Puzzles

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Why Your Toddler Should Play With Wooden Puzzles

Children’s toys are designed to be both fun and educational, and the vast majority of toys these days will do more than entertain your little one. Toys like wooden puzzles, for example, are brilliant for cognitive development and they will keep your toddler’s mind active, yet they’re still very enjoyable to play with. Your little one can start playing with puzzles when they’re a few months old, depending on their individual development, but this type of toy is most beneficial when they’re one to two years old.

There is a wide variety of wooden puzzles on the market, all of which can help your toddler develop lots of different skills. From shape sorters and peg puzzles to snap cards and jigsaw puzzles, this type of toy can support the development of the following important skills;

Fine motor skills

When playing with wooden puzzles, simply picking up the pieces and putting them where they should go will help to develop your little one’s fine motor skills. Things like griping and pointing at puzzle pieces will help to strengthen the muscles in your toddler's fingers and hands, and this will go on to help them with everyday tasks as they get older. The more your little one plays with wooden puzzles, the easier it will be for them to move the pieces.

Hand-eye coordination skills

In addition to developing their fine motor skills, moving the puzzle pieces will also help with your toddler’s hand-eye coordination skills. These skills refer to your little one’s ability to use their eyes to guide and control their hand movements, and having good hand-eye coordination will benefit them in several ways as they get older. Turning over puzzle pieces and putting them in the right place will help to train your little one’s eyes and hands to work together.

Problem-solving skills

Playing with wooden puzzles is a brilliant way for your toddler to develop their problem-solving skills and finding the right puzzle piece is a basic problem to solve. Through trial and error, your little one will organise the pieces and figure out where each piece goes. If one piece doesn’t fit, they will learn that they need to find another piece that does fit. These basic skills will be invaluable throughout their early years and knowing how to overcome different obstacles will help your toddler in day-to-day life.


It’s unlikely that your little one will solve a wooden puzzle straight away and it will take some time for them to find the right pieces, which can teach them patience. Whilst playing with this type of toy, they will be developing their attention span, practising concentration and learning about perseverance. Puzzles can encourage your toddler to keep playing even when things aren’t going the way they want and they will develop frustration tolerance.


When your toddler has a few puzzles that they enjoy playing with, over time they will get quicker at completing them. They will start to remember where the pieces go and they won’t have to experiment as much to complete the puzzle. You can also use wooden puzzles to teach your little one the names of different shapes, colours and animals, for example. Whilst playing they will start to recognise what each piece is and distinguish between the many different pieces they have to choose from.

Purchasing wooden puzzles for toddlers

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Here at My Little Goody Box, we aim to inspire parents and children alike. We want to make it easier for people to create sensory, educational and developmental experiences for their little ones, and having fun is at the heart of everything we do. We have handpicked all the toys on our website based on items that we would use or have used with our own children and we invite you to explore our online store today to find the perfect toys for your toddler.
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