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Why You Should Find Time To Play With Your Child

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Why You Should Find Time To Play With Your Child

Playing with toys is such a huge part of life for children and it is something they will spend a lot of time doing, especially in their early years. Sometimes your child might play by themselves and be happy doing so, however, sometimes they might want to play with you and get you involved in their games.

When playing with sensory toys, in particular, it is really advantageous to play with your child and this is something that you should try to find time to do. Not only are some sensory props and toys not safe to be used without direct supervision, but there are also a number of developmental and attachment-related benefits to playing with your child. Below we have explored some of the main reasons why you should join in with sensory play.

Nurture your relationship

Spending some time playing with your little one every day is a brilliant way to bond with them. In the first few precious months, one-on-one time together can nurture your parent-child relationship and you can establish a deeper connection with your little one. Purchasing a sensory box and simply playing with organza scarfs or egg shakers, for example, can help you to develop a strong and healthy bond.

Connecting with your little one through fun activities and sensory experiences, and giving them your full undivided attention is a brilliant way to show them how much you care for them. You can easily create everlasting memories with your child too and when you form a positive relationship from such a young age, you will find it much easier to continue to nurture this relationship as they get older and no longer rely on you as much.

Learn about themselves and the world around them

Without your help, it will take much longer for your little one to learn about both themselves and the world around them. When you play together with a ribbon ring, for example, you can help your baby build a sense of self-awareness by touching different parts of their body with this sensory prop. Stimulating your child’s senses and helping them learn more about their body will be very useful when it comes to them reaching their early years milestones.

From a really young age, your baby will be exploring their world through their senses and absorbing information as they play. You can use toys and games to help them learn about their environment and whilst you’re having fun, you can improve their awareness and help them to become more alert. Depending on how you play together and what sensory toys you use, you can help your child understand their role in the world too.

Develop a range of important skills

Sensory play has been found to support brain development and through play, you can help your little one develop a number of important skills. Simply interacting with your baby and speaking to them whilst you play can aid the development of their social skills and language skills, for example, and this type of cognitive development is really important. Ultimately, any type of cognitive stimulation through play can be invaluable to your little one.

Holding toys and moving them around can also support fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills, and concentration skills. Not to mention, a number of sensory toys help with problem-solving skills and creative skills too. The more you play with your little one, the more advanced their skill set will become and the more prepared they will be to go out into the world and handle various scenarios they come across.

Playing with sensory props and toys

It is fair to say that there are several benefits of playing with your little one and you should make sure you find time to enjoy sensory experiences together. If you’re interested in purchasing a sensory box, take a look at the My Little Goody Box website. We have a range of baby sensory boxes available, the contents of which can be used in lots of different ways, and we pride ourselves on both the quality and the affordability of our sensory items.

All of the sensory boxes on our website are designed to provide educational/developmental experiences and also help caregivers bond and create everlasting memories with their children. Don’t worry if you’ve never used sensory toys before, our sensory boxes also come with useful play guides. These guides provide play ideas for children of all ages and they will help you to use the props inside the box, as well as other items you find around the house, to build fun and engaging experiences for your child.
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