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Why All Toy Boxes Should Contain A Baby Rattle

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Why All Toy Boxes Should Contain A Baby Rattle

Baby rattles have been around for centuries now and this classic toy has been used to keep generations of babies entertained. Whilst a rattle may seem like a simple toy that is solely used to keep little ones amused, this isn’t actually the case. Baby rattles have a number of unique benefits and they are a must-have for every toy box.

These days, there is a huge range of baby rattles on the market and there is something for all occasions. Whether you’re purchasing a baby rattle set as a gift for a newborn or you’re searching for musical sensory toys to aid your little one’s development, you won’t struggle to find a rattle that meets all of your needs. Below we have explored some of the many reasons why all toy boxes should contain at least one rattle.

Teach the basics of cause and effect

As soon as your little one starts playing with a baby rattle, they will notice that it makes a noise. Before long, they will realise that they only hear the noise when they’re moving the toy and this is the basics of cause and effect. Learning that actions have reactions is very important and using a simple baby rattle is the perfect place to start in this regard. Your little one will enjoy experimenting with this musical toy to see how their movement affects the noise the rattle makes and this is brilliant for their cognitive development from a young age.

Encourage curiosity whilst playing

For babies with short attention spans, playing with toys that intrigue them is really advantageous and a rattle will definitely ignite curiosity. Whilst they’re playing with the baby rattle, your little one will be keen to learn more about it and the fascinating noise this type of toy makes will capture their undivided attention. In addition to improving their attention span, playing with toys that are mesmerising will help to enhance your little one’s sense of discovery. Again, this is really beneficial for cognitive development.

Support fine motor skills development

Not only will baby rattles support cognitive development, but they will also support physical development. When they’re playing with a rattle, regardless of its shape or size, your little one will be strengthening their fine motor skills. By using their hands and fingers to grasp the rattle and move it around to make a noise, they will be developing their muscles. It isn’t uncommon for rattles to be used to motivate babies to reach milestones such as; rolling over, crawling and walking too. So, this toy provides much more than just enjoyment.

Popular rattles for babies

There are a number of brilliant baby rattles to choose from and this type of sensory toy doesn’t have to be complex or expensive for it to be effective. If you’re interested in purchasing rattles for your little one, consider one of the following;

  • Egg shakers - These are perfect for little hands to hold and they are considered to be a staple toy for every sensory box.
  • Studio Circus Baby Rattles - These make an excellent gender-neutral gift for babies and they are made from FSC wood.
  • Halilit Baby Shakers - These have easy-grip handles and feature colourful beads which will fascinate all young babies.
  • Halilit Baby Maracas - These are a great alternative to a traditional rattle and they can help your little one have fun making music.
  • Halilit Rainbow Shakers - These are another musical instrument option and even the gentlest of movements will cause the beads to create a mesmerising sound.

Any of these baby rattles are a great choice to consider when you’re wanting to add a musical sensory toy to your little one’s toy box. They are all durable, high-quality and completely safe to use, preventing any worry during playtime.

Purchasing a baby rattle set

There is no denying that whilst it may seem like a simple toy, a baby rattle is an excellent addition to any baby’s toy box. Playing with a musical toy like this can be really beneficial for your little one and you can guarantee that it will keep them amused as they get to grips with why it’s making a noise and how they can get it to make even more noise.

When looking for somewhere to purchase a baby rattle set for your little one, be sure to explore the rest of the My Little Goody Box website. We supply a vast range of sensory toys and musical toys, and you can always purchase from our online store in confidence knowing that we only stock the highest quality products. Not only do we supply trusted well-known brands, but we also handpick all of the items on our website too, so there is no better company to turn to when you’re purchasing new toys for your little one.

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