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What Are High Contrast Toys And Why Are They Good For Babies?

What Are High Contrast Toys And Why Are They Good For Babies?

When you’re purchasing toys for your little one, you will have such a huge range of different options to choose from. Nowadays, not all toys are solely designed for entertainment purposes either and there are so many different sensory toys and props on the market which are specifically designed to aid the various stages of your baby’s development. 

Amongst the vast range available, one type of toy that you might come across if you’re looking into sensory toys is high contrast toys. This particular group of toys is frequently recommended for newborn babies and it can be really advantageous for them to play with in the first few months of their lives. If you’ve never heard of high contrast toys before and you’re wondering what they are, below we have explored them in more detail. 

What are high contrast toys?

As the name suggests, high contrast toys are black and white toys. These toys are specifically designed to have highly contrasting patterns or shapes and they are made with the brightest shades of white and the darkest shades of black. 

What are the benefits of playing with these contrasting toys?

As you may already know, it is believed that babies can only see black, white and grey shades for the first few months of their lives and therefore, playing with toys that feature high contrast black and white patterns can be incredibly beneficial. There are a few main reasons why black and white baby toys are usually recommended for newborns, such as; 

Easier to focus on 

When your baby plays with high contrast toys, they will find it easier to focus because they’re able to see the bold patterns and shapes even if everything else is blurry. By encouraging scanning and tracking, black and white toys can strengthen a baby’s eyesight and improve their attention span. This will also go on to help with things like recognition and memory as well. 

Stimulates their vision 

A baby’s sight is one of their least developed senses when they’re first born, but high contrast toys can help with early visual development and brain development. By being able to clearly see the different black and white patterns or shapes on high contrast toys, your little one will be more curious about the toy and this can help to encourage them to explore and learn. 

Reach first developmental milestones

Playing with high contrast toys won’t just be fun for your baby, but it will also help them to reach their crucial developmental milestones. In addition to tracking mentioned above, high contrast black and white toys can also encourage things like raising their head and reaching out for objects which can, in turn, improve their fine motor skills too. 

What are the best black and white toys for babies?

Often, the best high contrast toys are those that are more than just a toy. In addition to things like touch-and-feel books and puzzles, baby rattles and ribbon rings are brilliant for newborns. All of these types of toys and sensory items will have their own unique benefits alongside those of high contrast toys and they are perfect for the first year of their lives. 

When you’re keen to purchase a few different high contrast toys, a monochrome sensory box is a brilliant option. This will contain everything from foil blankets and organza scarves to egg shakers and hand puppets, so not only will these toys help to stimulate your little one’s eyesight, but they will also stimulate many of their other senses too. 

Purchasing high contrast toys 

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about high contrast toys and the benefits associated with giving them to your little one to play with. It is definitely worthwhile purchasing some toys that feature a contrasting black and white pattern for your newborn baby, and they really can be incredibly beneficial for both brain and visual development in the first few months. 

When searching for somewhere to purchase the best black and white toys for babies, be sure to visit the My Little Goody Box website. We supply a brilliant range of handpicked sensory toys and props on our website that are not only fun for your little ones to play with, but that also aid their development. With a number of well-known toy brands on our website, you can purchase from us in confidence knowing that you will be receiving the highest quality high contrast toys and you won’t have to worry about your newborn baby playing with them.
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