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Using Sensory Toys During Tummy Time

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Using Sensory Toys During Tummy Time

If you are expecting a baby or you have recently had a baby, then it is highly likely that you will have come across the term ‘tummy time’ when reading baby books, speaking with other parents or browsing the internet. Whilst this is a really simple playtime activity, tummy time is encouraged by medical professionals and developmental specialists alike, and it is incredibly beneficial for a number of different reasons.

When you start introducing tummy time into your little one’s day, it can actually be advantageous to incorporate sensory toys and props into this type of activity too. There are many reasons why sensory toys and tummy time go hand in hand, and we have explored this in more detail below.

What is tummy time?

Simply put, tummy time is when you place your baby on their front whilst they’re wide-awake and wanting to explore. You can start tummy time whilst your little one is a newborn and many will place their baby tummy down for short periods of time as soon as they come home from the hospital. It is often recommended that you introduce tummy time for a few minutes at a time and then increase the length of this playtime activity as your newborn gets older.

It goes without saying that when your little one is enjoying tummy time, it is important to ensure that you’re keeping a close eye on them.

Why should you use sensory toys during tummy time?

There are a number of benefits to tummy time and it is particularly useful for helping to strengthen your little one’s muscles. Spending time on their front can also help your baby gain more control over their muscles as well and when you introduce some baby sensory toys, they can develop their fine motor and gross motor skills at the same time.

Sensory toys are designed to encourage curiosity and when you place a sensory book or a sensory ball, for example, in front of your little one whilst they’re laying on their tummy, they will start reaching out for it. By aiding the development of motor skills, you will help your baby reach their developmental milestones, such as; rolling over, sitting up and crawling.

Using sensory toys during tummy time will also help to keep your little one entertained too. These toys are both intriguing and fun to play with, and they can be particularly useful if your baby isn’t very keen on spending time on their front. Whilst making tummy time more enjoyable, sensory toys will also be stimulating your little one’s senses and helping them to learn more about both themselves and the world around them.

From improving your baby’s self-awareness to aiding their cognitive growth, combining tummy time and sensory play can be brilliant for overall early years development. The toys and props you use during this playtime activity will allow your little one to discover and explore their senses whilst also building a positive parent-child relationship. So, it is definitely worthwhile looking at different ways you can incorporate sensory toys into your baby’s tummy time.

Buying the best sensory toys for babies

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If you’ve never tried any type of sensory play before, don’t worry, it’s our aim to inspire parents and caregivers too. We provide lots of inspiration for play ideas and we can help you to create developmental experiences for your little one to enjoy. Simply sign up for our newsletter to get play ideas straight to your inbox.

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