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Using musical Instruments For Babies Development

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Using musical Instruments For Babies Development

Using musical Instruments For Babies Development

It is likely that as a parent or care provider, you instinctively use music to calm and soothe newborn babies. Singing or humming lullabies, nursery rhymes and other songs is something that lots of people do regularly in the presence of their little ones and this can actually be more beneficial than you may initially realise. Music as a whole can help with your baby’s development and it is something that can easily be used throughout their first years. 

From a very young age, it is actually quite common for musical instruments to be used during sensory play and babies and toddlers love to explore with rainmakers, tambourines, maracas, drums and all kinds of other baby-safe instruments. If you’ve never used anything like this with your child before and you’re wondering why you should use a range of musical instruments for baby development, below we have looked into how musical toys can benefit young children. 

Helps to develop motor skills 

Using a range of different musical instruments whilst playing with your baby will help them to build upon both their gross and fine motor skills. Something as simple as banging on a drum can help to develop their gross motor skills whereas something like taping a single key on a xylophone and using a stick can help strengthen their fine motor skills. 

Playing and experimenting with different musical instruments will promote physical and brain development in various ways, and you can guarantee that both you and your baby will have lots of fun together when doing so too. 

Improves hand-eye coordination

It can be tricky for small hands to hold and play with musical toys to start with, so it isn’t uncommon for them to be used to help babies and toddlers and children alike to improve their hand-eye coordination. Using different musical toys whilst playing can not only help with brain development, but also encourage muscle areas to strengthen as well. 

When using musical instruments for baby development, you will likely find that when it comes to activities like throwing and catching a ball or even colouring and writing with a pencil, they will struggle less to get the hang of things. 

Teaches cause and effect 

Involving musical instruments in your sensory play can help teach your baby new thinking skills and, in particular, cause and effect. From just a few months old, babies start to understand that their actions can result in a clear outcome and when using musical instruments, your baby will soon learn that pressing a key makes a sound. 

There are lots of different toys that can be used to encourage your baby to explore the concept of cause and effect, but musical instruments are one of the most effective and the most fun. By shaking or tapping these instruments in different ways, they will soon discover that what they’re doing affects the noise created, teaching them the foundations of cause and effect.

Encourages decision making

Following on from cause and effect, when using musical instrument for babies development, little ones will start to make their own decisions. They will be encouraged to decide which musical instrument they want to play and which sounds they like the most by simply experimenting with baby-safe musical instruments. 

Learning how to make decisions is very important and it is something that can help with social interactions as your little one gets older. Of course, when playing instruments and making decisions, your baby will be stimulating their expressive skills and enhancing their creativity too. 

Finding musical instrument sets for babies 

Ultimately, it is always worthwhile using musical instruments when playing with your baby and it can aid their language development and physical development in so many different ways. If you’re interested in purchasing some instrument musical toys that are safe for your little one to use, be sure to visit the My Little Goody Box website. We specialise in sensory toys with developmental benefits and you can order both plastic and wooden musical instruments from us in confidence knowing that they are suitable for small children and designed for this type of play. 

Not only do we provide parents and carers with somewhere to purchase sensory products, but we also offer play ideas on how to use these products too, helping anyone who is unsure how to use different items for sensory development. We love thinking of ideas we can do with our own children based on their age and stage of development and sharing these with our customers, and having fun is at the heart of everything we do. So, we are sure that you will enjoy everything that our website has to offer. 

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