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Traditional Wooden Toys With Developmental Benefits

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Traditional Wooden Toys With Developmental Benefits

Traditional Wooden Toys With Developmental Benefits

Wooden toys have been played with by babies, toddlers and young children for centuries, and traditional toys are often passed down through generations. Although there is a wide range of plastic toys on the market today, wooden toys remain to be a popular choice amongst parents and caregivers, and they have a number of unique advantages over modern toys.

Not only can traditional wooden toys help to keep your little one entertained, but they actually have a number of developmental benefits as well. Simply playing with monochrome or colourful wooden toys can aid the development of lots of important skills and playing can help your baby reach a number of important milestones. If you’re wondering which traditional wooden toys can benefit your little one’s development, below we have listed a few of the most popular.

Wooden building blocks

This type of wooden toy is incredibly straightforward, yet wooden building blocks have a number of developmental benefits. When your little one is picking up and stacking these blocks, they will be improving their fine motor skills and decision-making skills. Not to mention, as an open-ended toy, building blocks can help with the development of creativity and imagination too.

Some brilliant wooden building blocks to buy include; Farm Building Blocks, Fairytale Building Blocks and Traffic Building Blocks.

Wooden puzzles

There’s a great selection of puzzles and games on the toy market, and they’re often aimed at toddlers rather than babies. This type of wooden toy is brilliant for cognitive development and again, it will help with fine motor skills to problem-solving skills. Playing with wooden puzzles can also help with things like hand-eye coordination as well.

A few great wooden puzzles for your little one are; Chunky Sea Life Puzzle, Dinosaur 1 - 10 Puzzle, Number Puzzle and World Animal Block Puzzle.

Wooden push along toys

When your little one is close to crawling or walking, this traditional wooden toy can give them the final push they need. Wooden push along toys can assist with muscle growth and strength, and they can help your baby feel more confident moving around. These toys require a lot of concentration to start with too, so they’re great for focus, spatial awareness and coordination.

Fun and educational push along toys include; Digger Push Along Toy, Elephant Push Along Toy and Double Decker Bus Push Along Toy.

Wooden shape sorters

Similarly to wooden puzzles, wooden shape right holes sorters can be great for early years development. Playing with shape sorters can improve your little one’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, the beautifully designed of this particular type of toy can help with things such as colour, different shapes or animal recognition too.

Some popular wooden shape sorters are; Noah's Ark Shape Sorter, My Little Bird House Shape Sorter and Sensory Shape Sorter.

Wooden role-play toys

This type of wooden toy such as dolls houses is often referred to as a ‘pretend play’ toy and any role-play toy is brilliant for helping children meet important milestones. Role-play toys will spark your little one’s imagination and inspire creativity. This is another open-ended toy and there are so many ways your little one can play with role-play toys, all whilst developing their language and social skills.

Exciting and intriguing wooden role-play toys include; Doctor's Set, Fruits And Vegetables Basket, Pastry Set and Breakfast Set.

Purchasing traditional wooden toys

There really are a number of brilliant wooden toys on the market that all have hidden developmental benefits and it is always worth encouraging your little ones to play with the toys mentioned above. If you’re looking for somewhere to purchase traditional wooden toys, regardless of how old your baby is, be sure to explore the My Little Goody Box website.

We stock a fantastic selection of toys for babies and toddlers, and all of the items on our online store have been handpicked based on products that we have or would use with our own children. The wooden toys we supply are of the highest quality too, UK mainland made and you can have complete peace of mind knowing that they are safe for babies to play with. If you’re keen to learn more about the developmental benefits of playing with different types of toys, follow us and take a look at the rest of our blog page today. You will find lots of useful information and inspiration here.

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