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The Surprising Benefits Of Baby Rattles

The Surprising Benefits Of Baby Rattles

The Surprising Benefits Of Baby Rattles

There are some baby toys that have been amusing little ones for centuries and some have even been around since antiquity. It is fair to say that a rattle is one of these toys and they are frequently purchased for newborn babies. Nowadays rattles come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials, from cloud ring rattles to fox cube rattles, teething rings and they are considered to be a must-have noisy baby toy. 

Whilst rattles make the perfect gift for anyone who has just given birth, not many people realise just how beneficial these cute little toys can be. Not only are rattles designed to be a source of entertainment for babies, but they actually have a number of additional advantages and playing with this type of toy can even aid a baby’s development. If you’re intrigued to learn more about the benefits of rattles, keep reading today. 

Develop fine motor skills

Often, when babies first start playing with a rattle, they will grasp it as a reflex, but the more they play with it, the more they will be using and strengthening their hands and fingers. Eventually, as a baby’s fine motor skills develop through play, they will be able to hold a rattle and shake it in the air. This type of toy is perfect for little hands when they’re learning how to hold objects.


Learn about cause and effect

Rattles can help to teach your little one that all of their actions have a response. When they’re playing with a rattle, they will discover that shaking it makes a noise and they will then want to try to make the noise again. Once they have learnt that this action has this response, they will then start experimenting with different actions to see what their effect will be, aiding their overall cognitive development. 

Encourage focus whilst playing 

Simply playing with a baby rattle can help to develop a baby’s attention span and like other toys that make a noise, a rattle will help them to maintain focus whilst they’re playing. Babies tend to be drawn to the noise of a rattle and it will catch their attention, then because they will want to play with it and explore what it does, it will strengthen their ability to focus and investigate.

Foster hand-eye coordination

When you first start playing with a baby rattle with your little one, you will notice that they track it with their eyes. Recognising and watching movement is the first step to developing hand-eye coordination skills, and they will soon start reaching out for the rattle. Over time, this reach will become more of a precise movement and the rattle will encourage them to continue to try and reach for the toy until they’re able to get it the first time. 

Create curiosity around toys

Due to the fact that a baby rattle is an engaging toy, babies are curious as to what it can do and not only will they observe it, but they will begin to explore with both their hands and their mouth. Babies love to explore and this exploratory learning with senses like touch and taste will help them develop a sense of discovery that promotes cognitive development. 

Support motor milestones 

There are various milestones, from reaching to crawling, that a baby rattle can help with. Both the look and the sound of a rattle can be motivating for curious babies and it can encourage them to push themselves to the next stage of their development. Simply placing a rattle out of reach can encourage a baby to lift their head, roll over or pull themselves across the floor, helping them to reach the next milestone. 

Purchasing baby rattles

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All in all, it is fair to say that whilst category rattles have been around for a very long time, they are actually much more beneficial than people tend to realise. Allowing your little one to play with a baby rattle won’t just keep them amused but even from a very young age, it can aid their development in so many different ways. So, this classic toy is arguably one of the best that you can purchase for your newborn baby. 

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