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The Developmental Benefits Of Playing With Wooden Building Blocks

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
The Developmental Benefits Of Playing With Wooden Building Blocks

The toy market is incredibly vast and there is a huge range of toys and props available for babies and toddlers to enjoy. Some toys on the market will be much more complicated than others, but it is actually the more simplistic toys that tend to have the most developmental benefits. Wooden toys, in particular, are very popular amongst parents and any open-ended wooden toy is brilliant to have in your little one’s toy box.

One type of wooden toy that has been played with for decades and is still just as popular for valuable play is; wooden building blocks. In addition to being a fun toy to play with, wooden blocks are also a great learning tool and they can help your little one develop lots of useful skills. Below we have looked into the developmental benefits of this deceptively simple wooden toy.

Fine motor skills

In order to pick up a building block and stack it on top of another one, your little one will need to have good fine and gross motor skills. The more they play with the wooden building blocks, the more advanced these skills and the stronger their muscles will become. Every time your baby grasps a wooden block, they will be using their fingers, hands and arms, and developing their motor skills from a young age will help them to reach multiple early years milestones.

Imagination and creativity

Wooden building blocks are one of the most versatile toys available, especially in the eyes of an imaginative toddler. There are so many different ways your little one can play with wooden blocks and they will be free to use them in any way their imagination allows. Encouraging your baby to be creative and use their imagination can aid their social and emotional development. Using play to express themselves can also help with cognitive development in numerous ways.

Problem-solving skills

Simply playing with wooden building blocks will help your little one enhance their problem-solving skills. Without even realising, every time your baby picks up a building block and stacks this block on top of another one, they will be making lots of decisions. Over time, your little one will realise that some towers fall down and they will start experimenting with ways to prevent this from happening too. The difference wooden building blocks can have on cognitive growth is huge and this type of play offers lots of first-hand experiences to learn from.

Focus and attention span

Due to the fact that wooden building blocks are open-ended toys, your little one can play with them for hours without ‘finishing’ the game, so to speak. Open-ended toys are excellent for increasing your baby’s attention span and with no directions or rules to follow and no end goal, they won’t get bored of playing with building blocks. Often, because wooden blocks aren’t noisy or distracting, they are great for improving focus and concentration as well.

Hand-eye coordination skills

When your little one is stacking wooden blocks, they will learn about spatial awareness and improve their hand-eye coordination skills. Playing with wooden building blocks can be a fiddly game and it can take a while for your baby to get the hang of stacking the blocks on top of one another. Whilst their fine motor skills are developing, their hand-eye coordination skills will be too and your little one will be learning all about spatial awareness as they play.

Buying wooden building blocks for your little one

There really are a number of benefits to playing with wooden blocks and if you don’t currently have a set of building blocks in your little one’s toy box, it’s definitely worth investing in some. Here at My Little Goody Box, we supply a brilliant selection of children’s toys and we have lots of classic wooden toys on our online store.

Whether you’re looking for natural wooden building blocks or coloured wooden building blocks, or you’d like building blocks that create a specific scene, we will have a beautiful toy set for you to buy. You can order wooden children’s toys from us in confidence knowing that they’re made from eco-friendly materials and decorated with non-toxic paint too, so you don’t need to worry about your little one playing with them. Should you have any questions about our wooden building blocks, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

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