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The Best Sensory Toys For Tummy Time

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
The Best Sensory Toys For Tummy Time

Tummy time is encouraged by both medical professionals and developmental specialists, and it is usually recommended that you introduce your little one to tummy time when they’re only a few weeks old. As the name suggests, this playtime activity involves placing your baby on their front when they’re wide-awake and inquisitive, and tummy time is important for several reasons.

Not all babies will enjoy tummy time though and it is beneficial to try and make the time they spend laying on their front as fun as possible. Thankfully, there are so many ways you can make this very simple playtime activity much more enjoyable for your curious newborn and introducing some sensory toys into tummy time can be really beneficial. Below we have put together a list of sensory toys for babies that are all perfect to use during tummy time. 

Foil blanket

This is one of the most simplistic sensory props, but a foil blanket is perfect to use during tummy time. Laying your little one on a foil blanket will stimulate their senses and help to keep them entertained. Every time your baby moves their arms or legs, this blanket will make a noise, capturing their attention and a foil blanket is brilliant for teaching cause and effect whilst playing. You can also use this sensory prop in lots of different ways during playtime.

Water mat

Lots of parents and caregivers will use a play mat during tummy time, but you can make this play activity more fun and developmentally beneficial by using a water mat instead. Something like the While And Wonder Baby's First Water Mat is perfect for tummy time and its monochrome design makes it brilliant for 0 months +. Water mats are designed to not only entertain your little one, but develop their attention span and help them to focus during playtime. The moving characters in the water can help with visual tracking as well and pushing them around can develop your baby’s motor skills and strengthen their muscles.

Tummy time books

Your little one doesn’t need to be able to read in order to play with books and there are lots of sensory books that are brilliant to use during tummy time. A tummy time book that can stand up will help to entertain your baby whilst they’re laying on their front and sensory books provide a unique experience as they’re full of items that will intrigue your little one. The crinkly pages will stimulate your baby's auditory senses, for example, and the high contrast and brightly coloured images will develop their eyesight. Sensory books really are a great all-around toy.

Sensory balls

There are so many different types of sensory balls on the market, from Flashing Spiky Balls to Multi-Textured Ball Sets, and they are all excellent toys to use during tummy time. Your little one will be mesmerised by sensory balls and they can explore them for hours. The interesting textures and colours are perfect for sensory stimulation and they can support lots of other areas of development too. Playing with sensory balls can build fine and gross motor skills, tactile development and also teach cause and effect learning.

Musical toys

Any musical toy will capture your little one’s attention and prevent them from getting bored during tummy time. Banging on a drum or shaking a maraca during tummy time is a great way to keep your baby entertained and they can have so much fun making music. Musical toys can help to develop everything from motor skills and hand-eye coordination to creativity as well, and this type of noisy play is always advantageous.

Buying sensory toys for babies in the UK

If your little one isn’t enjoying tummy time, any of the toys mentioned above can help to make this playtime activity more enjoyable for them and they’re definitely worth trying. You never know, tummy time could become your baby’s favourite time of day when you start using the right sensory toys to keep them entertained whilst laying on their front.

If you’re searching for somewhere to buy sensory toys for babies in the UK, explore the rest of the My Little Goody Box website today. We supply a brilliant selection of products, all of which have been handpicked based on toys and props we have or would’ve used with our own children. In addition to supplying high-quality affordable baby sensory toys, at My Little Goody Box, it is our aim to inspire parents. We understand that not everyone will have used sensory toys and props before, so we can provide you with lots of inspiration for play ideas and help you to create developmental experiences. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about sensory toys, we’re always happy to help.

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