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The Best Sensory Toys For Your Baby

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
The Best Sensory Toys For Your Baby

The Best Sensory Toys For Babies

Playing with your newborn baby is so important and it is essential to their overall development and wellbeing. Whilst there are so many different ways you can spend some time playing together, sensory play is something that almost all parents and carers will try these days. As you may well know, sensory play is designed to support cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, language development, problem-solving skills and even social interaction. 

Thankfully, sensory toy play is incredibly easy to introduce to your little one and there are so many brilliant toys that will stimulate their senses and help them to learn about the world around them. If you’ve never tried sensory play and you’ve never purchased sensory play toys before, you may be wondering which toys are best to use to help your baby learn and develop. To give you an idea of which sort of toys you should purchase for your little one at this time, below we have looked into some of the finest sensory toys for a baby

Foil blanket

This is one of the most simple things you can purchase for sensory play, but arguably, it is one of the best sensory play toys for babies as they’re starting to explore things around them. Not only can a foil blanket be used for tummy time, but it is also brilliant for teaching the basics about cause and effect/action and reactions. Of course, you can also have lots of noisy fun with this blanket and it will keep babies entertained and engrossed in play for long periods of time.

Shakers and rattles

There are lots of different types of rattles and shakers available to buy for sensory play, from simple soft toy rattles to multi-sensory ring rattles, and they are all perfect for creating curiosity and encouraging focus. Simple egg shakers are a popular choice for babies as they are perfect for little ones to hold as they learn how to use their hands. The fact that rattles and shakers make a noise means they’re perfect for sensory play, and they can be used all the time. 

Sensory scarves

As one of the most versatile sensory play toys for your baby, sensory scarves are a worthwhile purchase. These brightly coloured scarves can be used for tummy time or games like peekaboo and they will engage all of your baby’s senses during play. A few scarves can provide hours of fun for imaginative play and you can use them at every age, helping your little one reach their next developmental milestone, so you will make good use of this multi-sensory soft toy. Also machine washable. 

Touch-and-feel books

Reading books to your baby can be very beneficial for lots of different reasons, but when you’re interested in sensory play, using touch-and-feel books will help to stimulate their sense of touch and hearing. These cloth books are perfect because they are virtually indestructible and each page will have fun textures to touch and explore with bright colours or in black and white. Of course, these books can be used as your baby gets older to help with their language and communication skills too. 

Developmental cube

Some of the finest sensory toys for your baby are those which have an abundance of different textures, illustrations and features. Take developmental cubes, these brightly coloured activity toys will fascinate your little one as they’re made up of baby-safe mirrors, rattles, teethers and plastic rings. This one sensory toy can develop all of your baby’s senses and what’s more, it can be attached to prams and car seats, so it can be played with whilst you’re out and about. 

Starter sensory box 

When you’re wanting to try sensory play, it can be useful to purchase a small box that contains lots of basic sensory items to start with. Baby sensory boxes include a selection of toys and other products that you can use when playing with your little one to start introducing sensory play, and using them will help brain development through building a range of essential skills. There are lots of different sensory boxes available and there is something for everyone.

Purchasing sensory toys

All in all, when you’re interested in trying sensory play with your little one, any of the toys mentioned above are brilliant to start with and they are perfect for babies. When searching for somewhere to buy baby sensory toys, make sure you explore the My Little Goody Box website. We have a selection of handpicked items on our site, based on products that we would or have used with our own children, and you will easily be able to find the toys you’re looking for. 

It is our aim here at My Little Goody Box to inspire parents and children alike, so not only can we supply you with sensory toys for your baby, but we can provide you with lots of play ideas for different sensory and educational/developmental experiences too. If you have any questions at all about any of the sensory toys mentioned above or the products you’ve seen on our website, please feel free to contact us today, we’re more than happy to help with some of the best sensory toys for babies

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