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The Best Black And White Toys For Babies

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
The Best Black And White Toys For Babies

For the first few months of their lives, babies can only see black, white and grey shades, and purchasing monochrome toys for them to play with can be really beneficial. Black and white toys with highly contrasting patterns or shapes will stimulate your little one’s vision and they’re much more engaging for them than other colourful alternatives.

There are a number of different black and white sensory toys on the market, many of which have their own unique advantages in addition to the benefits associated with high contrast toys, and there are even monochrome sensory boxes too. If you’re interested in purchasing some new baby toys for your newborn and you’re wondering which toys are considered to be the best for them to play with, below we have looked into some of the most beneficial black and white baby toys in more detail.

Monochrome water mat

Water mats are brilliant for newborn babies and they can be used from 0 months plus. Not only do water mats make tummy time more fun, but high contrast black and white water mats can aid your little one’s development too. The moving fish in these mats will capture your baby’s attention and encourage visual tracking. As these fish move around, your baby will try to reach out for them too, developing their upper body muscles in preparation for crawling.

Monochrome ribbon ring

Ribbon rings are one of the most simple yet effective baby sensory props and if the ribbons are black and white, they will help to keep your little one entertained. When using a ribbon ring with your baby during sensory play, you can stimulate their tactile senses by gently running the ribbon across different parts of their body. A monochrome ribbon ring is a great way to build and develop your little one’s self-awareness.

Monochrome hand puppet

Hand puppets are fun to play with from a very young age and they are a wonderful addition to storytime. Amongst the many different hand puppets on the market, there are black and white puppets, like cows, and these are perfect for visual tracking as newborn babies enjoy looking at faces. The more you use hand puppets, the more beneficial they will be for both emotional and social development as well.

Monochrome flash cards

Flash cards are really straightforward, but they can be a great sensory aid in the first few months of a baby’s life. Simply placing flash cards featuring black and white patterns in front of your little one during tummy time can increase focus and help them to reach their first milestones. Looking up at and reaching out for the monochrome baby flash cards will also develop your little one’s neck and upper body muscles ready for sitting up independently.

Monochrome rattle

Rattles are one of the best black and white toys for babies as they provide a multisensory experience. Whether you attach a rattle to your little one’s pram or car seat, it will keep them entertained whilst you’re out and about. Playing with rattles and other noisy toys is a brilliant way to teach cause and effect too, and as your newborn baby bats the rattle they will start to learn that doing so makes a noise.

Monochrome book

Books are great for tummy time and not only will they entertain your little one, but they will also aid various areas of development. Lots of monochrome baby books are designed with crinkly pages to stimulate auditory senses and they will feature lots of different textures to stimulate touch senses. Of course, the high contrast images will stimulate their visual senses too. Tummy time books can be used time and time again when playing with your newborn.

Purchasing black and white sensory toys for babies

Hopefully, when you’re wanting to purchase new baby toys for your newborn, the ideas above will have given you some inspiration. There are so many brilliant black and white toys for babies on the market and you can almost guarantee that all of them will be beneficial in one way or another. When searching for somewhere to purchase high-quality baby toys, be sure to take a look at the My Little Goody Box website.

We have a vast selection of handpicked sensory toys and props on our site, and you can rely on us to supply you with the best black and white toys for babies. Not only do we supply toys to parents and caregivers, but we even provide lots of useful play ideas too and we can help you to create different sensory and educational/developmental experiences for your little one. Sign up for our newsletter today via our website to receive play ideas, updates and special offers straight to your inbox.
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