February Play Inspiration

Our Play Idea this Month

Before you try any of the play ideas mentioned below consider whether you are comfortable in doing them with your little one and please consider any allergies and health and safety risks as we are not liable or responsible for anything that may go wrong as a result of you trying these activities. All of these activities need to be directly supervised by an adult at all times and items mentioned below should not be placed in the mouth.

So with all the formalities out of the way, let's get to the fun part!


Balloon play!

One of our items we include in all of our sensory boxes (except monochrome) is a punching balloon.
There are so many activities that balloons can be used for with babies and toddlers.
Here are some activities where you can use your balloons, that we have tried and loved too. 

We include a punching balloon in our sensory boxes as they are a brilliant way to encourage focusing in on an object and they move slowly which allows your baby to follow and track them. We use a punch balloon so you as an adult can have control over the balloon which allows you to play with your baby in a way that best suits you both. 
Once your baby is a little older you can blow them up and let them loose to encourage crawling.
Balloons are loved by children of all ages and are great way to teach your toddler to throw and catch, either on their own or with someone- perfect for hand-eye coordination. The Balloon is light and bigger than most balls which allows them to throw and catch it with much more ease. (and less likely to break something 😂)
Also who doesn't love the game 'don't let the balloon touch the floor', our punch balloons are perfect for this! 
Siblings play 
Using balloons we adapted our game to suit Kyra 2.5 and Andrea 3 months. 
We used our colourful parachute and blew up lots of balloons 🎈. I laid Andrea in the middle and Kyra used the balloons to colour match against the parachute, using our language skills we spoke about the colours and counted the balloons. Andrea loved watching Kyra run around her with the balloons. (If you don't have a parachute, you can use anything with colours, a cotton sheet, your foam mats etc.) 
Lastly we put all the balloons in the middle, with Andrea on my lap and Kyra on the other side of the parachute, we shook the parachute and both girls absolutely loved it. Andrea loved seeing the balloons fly and Kyra loved catching them and throwing them back into the middle. 
We would love to see how you use the balloons in your sensory boxes. Tag us @mylittlegoodybox or using #mylittlegoodybox