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Beautiful Rainbow Sensory Gifts For Your Little One

By: :Thiago Agostinho 0 comments
Beautiful Rainbow Sensory Gifts For Your Little One

Children love bright colours and as soon as they start being able to see in colour, they are drawn to bold primary colours. Not only are colourful toys more intriguing to babies and toddlers, but they are more exciting too and when choosing between different toys in a toy box, you can almost guarantee that they will pick the brightest toys that feature a rainbow of different colours.

So, when it comes to purchasing toys this Christmas, it goes without saying that rainbow sensory toys are a brilliant choice and unwrapping a gift of this kind will make the festive season even more enjoyable for your little one. If you’re starting your Christmas shopping, you will be pleased to know there are lots of different sensory toys and props on the market. To help you narrow down the toys you have to choose from, below we have listed some of the best rainbow sensory gifts for babies and toddlers.

Sensory bottles

There are lots of different sensory bottles filled with various items, from buttons to glitter, and these bottles are mesmerising for little ones. Whilst playing with these bottles and tipping them upside down, the contents will move around captivating your baby’s attention. This type of sensory gift can be used during tummy time at home or played with in a pram whilst you’re out and about, keeping your little ones entertained for hours.

Water mats

Commonly water mats are brightly coloured on the outside with different pictures and patterns and they also have coloured toys that move around in the water too. The Whale Water Mat is a great water mat to consider when you’re looking for a rainbow sensory toy and this mat encourages cause and effect learning. Poking the little characters that move around in the water will be really fun for your little one and they will love playing with this mat.

Sensory balls

Sensory balls are a very popular type of sensory toy and they can be enjoyed by babies and toddlers alike. You can get sets of sensory balls that come in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours, like the Edushape Baby Sensory Balls. These brightly coloured balls with their quirky designs invite babies to grasp them, roll them and crawl after them. They are ideal for sensory tactile development and a must-have for any toy box.

Bath toys

They can be easy to overlook, but bath toys make great rainbow sensory gifts. These toys are designed to be played with in the bath, but they can also be used elsewhere too and they’re guaranteed to keep your little one engaged. Colourful animal bath toys, like the octopus or turtle from the Tikiri Ocean Buddies Collection, are perfect for smaller hands and they even have a rattle inside too which will help to make this toy even more enjoyable.

Maracas and rainmakers

The coloured beads inside maracas and rainmakers make them great rainbow sensory toys and they are perfect Christmas gifts. Even the youngest of babies can have fun playing with maracas and rainmakers, and not only are they richly coloured but the sound they make provides your little one with a multi-sensory experience. Playing with these basic musical instruments can help to develop creativity, motor skills and hand-eye coordination too.

Hand puppets

Simple hand puppets are a fantastic way to bring stories to life and if your little one enjoys reading books, then they are a brilliant choice of gift. Not only can you use these puppets whilst telling a story, but your little one can also try using them too and hand puppets can help to build social skills through imaginative play. There are so many different animal hand puppets to choose from, so you can purchase a selection to read with.

Purchasing brightly coloured sensory gifts this Christmas

If you’re looking for rainbow sensory gifts for your little one, hopefully, these toy ideas will have given you some inspiration. There is no denying that any of the sensory toys mentioned above will make the perfect Christmas gift and you can guarantee that they will be much better to purchase than some of the other toys on the market at this time of the year.

When searching for somewhere to purchase sensory gifts this Christmas, take a look at the rest of the My Little Goody Box website today. We have a vast selection of handpicked sensory toys and props as well sensory boxes on our online store, and you won’t struggle to find the perfect Christmas gift for your little one. Not only do we supply sensory toys, but we also want to inspire parents and caregivers too, so we offer lots of different play guides and developmental experience ideas to those who sign up for our newsletter.

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