January Play Inspiration

Take advantage of some quick win play ideas that we have put together for you which will provide lots of fun and learning through play!

For this activity you will need:

  • Rice (food colouring optional for making it a different colour)
  • A puzzle of your choice

We have used our traffic peg puzzle for this activity but you can browse our range of puzzles here. This activity puts an interesting twist on the normal way you would complete a puzzle! You could use your hands to find the pieces (depending on how much rice you use) or if your puzzle doesn't have pegs you can use utensils to find the pieces, e.g, a pastry brush or spatula. 

For younger children: you can simplify both of these activities by just giving them the rice to feel, for a tactile sensory experience or giving them utensils to explore the rice with. Utensils could include, a pastry brush, a sieve, a funnel, scoops and cups. This is a great opportunity to discuss what items you are using and action words. 

For older children: You can tell them how many puzzle pieces there are to find encouraging their counting skills or asking them how many pieces are missing from their puzzle to challenge them further.

If you do try any of these activities or any of our products please tag us using #mylittlegoodybox so we can see our products and ideas being used with your little one!




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